A beautiful time

Tulip 'La Belle Epoque'
Tulip ‘La Belle Epoque’

I am trying very hard to love this particular tulip. Named after a period in French history between two wars, the end of the Franco-Prussian War and the outbreak of World War I,  ‘La Belle Epoque’ is much raved of in the land of social media and the tinternet.

The colour is described variously as coffee mousse, caramel, dusky rose…….

Image searches turn up the most glorious array of photographs with the feel of an Old Masters oil painting. I rather liked the notion of a 3D Old Master gracing one of my spare pots. I have watched and waited in anticipation as the first spikes of green gave way to fat buds and held my breath (poetic licence) as they began to open.

I have to say my disappointment at the distinctly orange petals is now giving way to a slight feeling of revulsion as they become distinctly Salmon Pink. My only hope is that they will fade in the most glorious fashion that is the way of tulips, to achieve those mousseline caramel tones I was hoping for. Until then I am constantly reminded of a most traumatic decorating disaster which left us with walls the colour of Seafood Sauce.


Seasonal Greetings

Seasonal Greetings from Herefordshire

I may have mentioned the ‘C’ word once this summer but I think I got away with it. In my defence I was talking about spuds but the internet is awash with people complaining that supermarkets and garden centres are already awash, with dare I say it, christmassy stuff.

On social networks it seems that the ‘C’ Word in August causes mass outbreaks of Edward Munch Syndrome with people holding their heads in their hands issuing forth a silent scream.

Anybody who works in retail, catering or any service industry knows that the countdown has already started in earnest. Yet in the horticultural world we are not just planning for Christmas we are planning for spring and so with that in mind I am getting serious with my September bulb order……Now I wonder if Great Aunt Flo would prefer a pot of prepared Hyacinths in her stocking this year……

Planning Ahead for Spring
Planning Ahead for Spring