I’ve lost the battle…

….but I plan to win the war.

Every year there is a day where I realise I’ve lost the battle with my garden and this year it’s May the 12th.

Being a garden designer the most often asked questions or statements are ‘Ooh I bet you’ve got an amazing garden’ or ‘Do you open your garden to the public?’ well lovely reader the answer to both of these questions at the moment is..No.

I work across the Shires of Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester and live on the border of the latter two. We are blessed with many things, beautiful countryside, cider and clay. The first two of these can be enjoyed all year round but clay seems workable for a few short day a year *I may exaggerate f0r effect*

I have looked at my diary, and as folk suddenly remember they have a garden, and really they would rather like something done about it I see the time slip thorough my fingers like dry sand on a summer holiday by the sea. Once again I will be making beautiful gardens across the Shires and beyond and thinking, as cleavers and thistles make hay while the sunshines across my plot, I may have lost the battle with my own garden but I am determined to one day win the war.

Dead Nettles
Playing Russian Roulette with the nettles in compost corner


Cleavers threatening to envelope the new Yew edge
Prize winning thistles
Prize winning Thistle


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