One B Six P’s

This short post should really be called ‘Testing, testing, one two three’ after all isn’t gardening the new rock and roll.

As many of you know in a few days time I shall be off to Japan for the International Flower and Garden Show, now I’m not as prolific as many bloggers out there and if I’m honest sometimes just posting a weekly pic seems onerous, mostly because of the time it takes when your broadband connection is slower than a geriatric mollusc. I’m rather hoping the Internet in Nagasaki is slightly speedier but I digress, the reason for this post is merely to test out if I can actually use my iPad and associated techie bits n bobs.

I’m sure this is all riveting stuff but so far I’m delighted that instead of sitting in an office which is my usual blogging spot it seems I can post a blogette from the sofa too! This may open up a whole new world of alternative blogging spots in time.

So apologies for the rambling and rather random post, I’ll leave you with a picture of a happy bee and who knows the next wordy post may be from Japan.

Happy Bee
Happy Bee

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