Firework Festival Huisten Bosh

I thought ¬†perhaps my first post from Japan would be about the build up to the garden show, but instead it’s all about fireworks.¬†Not the half hearted Catherine Wheels or Soggy Sparklers of bonfire night, but huge, watch out passing planes, light up the night sky deafening fireworks.

Last night those of us stil on site were treated to the most extraordinary firework display. I’m not sure what I found most impressive, the sound of the explosions reverberating around the surrounding hills, the sheer number of fireworks (21,000) or the crowds of visitors to Huisten Bosh who were also enjoying the show.

I can’t truly do justice to the scale of the show but I did manage to take a few snaps to give a hint of this spectacular display.

imageimageVergette Ltd Garden Design International Firework Festival JapanimageVergette ltd Garden Designimageimageimage

One B Six P’s

This short post should really be called ‘Testing, testing, one two three’ after all isn’t gardening the new rock and roll.

As many of you know in a few days time I shall be off to Japan for the International Flower and Garden Show, now I’m not as prolific as many bloggers out there and if I’m honest sometimes just posting a weekly pic seems onerous, mostly because of the time it takes when your broadband connection is slower than a geriatric mollusc. I’m rather hoping the Internet in Nagasaki is slightly speedier but I digress, the reason for this post is merely to test out if I can actually use my iPad and associated techie bits n bobs.

I’m sure this is all riveting stuff but so far I’m delighted that instead of sitting in an office which is my usual blogging spot it seems I can post a blogette from the sofa too! This may open up a whole new world of alternative blogging spots in time.

So apologies for the rambling and rather random post, I’ll leave you with a picture of a happy bee and who knows the next wordy post may be from Japan.

Happy Bee
Happy Bee