A Rose for Lent

Lenten Rose
Lenten Rose


The Canturbury Tales

Excerpt from Prologue of the The Clerks Tale

For goddes sake, as beth of bettre cheere!

It is no tyme for to studien heere.

Telle us som myrie tale, by youre fey!

For what man that is entred in a pley,

He nedes moot unto the pley assente.

But precheth nat, as freres doon in Lente,

To make us for oure olde synnes wepe,

Ne that thy tale make us nat to slepe.




For God’s sake, smile and be of better cheer,

It is no time to think and study here.

Tell us some merry story, if you may;

For whatsoever man will join in play,

He needs must to the play give his consent.

But do not preach, as friars do in Lent,

To make us, for our old sins, wail and weep,

And see your tale shall put us not to sleep.

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