The Waiting Game

For some weeks now I have found myself pacing and feeling restless. On days when I am working in the office I feel quite irritated and have to mentally keep myself on task.

I think many of us gardeners are afflicted with this ailment at this time of year. We have waited patiently, first for the Winter solstice, and then for the lengthening number of daylight hours. Each day, almost a minute more daylight, starting earlier and earlier until we wake to the dawn of a new day.

This morning, for the first time, I noticed how light the horizon was at 6a.m., it showed quite clearly thorough the Winter branches, whereas last week, at that time tree and horizon were one.

Like may people, all my seeds are raised without the benefit of a green house; and as such, I have to wait a little longer for Spring sowing to start. Although I keep thinking of all the seeds hidden away in the seed tin, I will wait impatiently to sow them; (stocky and sturdy like a Thelwell pony is so much better than a pampered thoroughbred who will sulk at the first sign of a stiff breeze or heavy shower).

So, although I know the cause of this restless feeling, (as I champ at the bit like a horse at the start of a race), experience has taught me to wait and not take the first warm days of February, or early March, as the starting gun.

However with more daylight hours on the way, we are definitely under starters orders!

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